maria ylikoski

And no swinging! (Eikä saa heilua!) vuodelta 1998 on esillä toukokuun ajan AV-arkin Kulttuuriratikan esityssarjassa Muotokuvia. Ratikka ajaa 7A:n vakioreitillä tiistaista torstaihin klo 15–18.

Maria Ylikoski (born 1966) is video artist working in Helsinki, Finland.

Along with photography she has made videos and video installations since 1998. In her videos she deals with the themes of growing up, family relations and memory. Trial and error, chance and humor arising from tragicomic events are recurring elements in her videos. Her last three video works have have been portraits of people who have moved away to live in another country.

Maria Ylikoski is currently finishing her Masters degree in moving image in Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. She has also studied photography in Turku School of Art and Communication (1995) and in The School of Photography and Film at Gothenburg University (1998).

She works as a teacher on audio-visual media.